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Done and dusted!

Posted on Sunday 3rd

Many thanks to all those that generously sponsored my for the RideSunday 2018 event today. It looks like I was able to raise $1300 for Cure cancer Australia!

You are all wonderful!

Big shout out to Peter Montesi for joining me today and for making sure I kept on track! (In fact we ended up going even further than promised as we shot up to The Table Cafe, Lyndoch to grab some breakfast!!) 

One more night

Posted on Sunday 3rd

Early to bed tonight as up early in the morning for the ride. Good news too in that my friend Peter Montessi will be joing me for the ride as well!

One week to go!

Posted on Monday 28th

Many thanks to all those that have already donated to my worthy cause, Cure Cancer Australia. If you are in a position to donate but have not yet had the chance to do so, please head over to the donation page.

Anything that you can donate will help make a difference and will be appreciated.

(Donations over $2 are tax deductible).

Finally, the map is working!

Posted on Monday 21st

Ok, so it has taken me a while, but I have finally been able to get the map working for the ride. It includes some quiet Adelaide Hills roads with some great scenery along the way. There are also a few great bakeries along the route so we will need to make sure that we stop at one (or two) for some nutrition and coffee to keep us falling off the bikes!



Posted on Monday 14th

Hi All,

Looking at doing a ride to help raise some money for ongoing research into Cancer. Cancer touches so many lives in so many different ways. Help me to help this important research and help lessen the impact that cancer plays in so many peoples lives and families. Any donation you can afford will be appreciated.

Regards, Steve


My Ride Sunday Fundraising Page

Posted on Friday 11th On Sunday 3rd June 2018, I am joining thousands of motorcyclists all over the world in supporting charities that are striving to provide people with happier lives. Ride Sunday aims to bring together all riders, from all walks of life and all motorcycle makes to raise funds for charity worldwide. No matter who you are, no matter where you are; we can all make a difference.

My Sponsors

$565 USD
$40 USD
Kirsty Coll

Enjoy the ride and great work for an amazing cause - Kirsty & Scott

$40 USD
$38 USD
Nizar Abrahams

Love your work Mr Steve.

$38 USD

Great Cause Steve, enjoy !!

$38 USD
Anthony Conell

Have fun

$25 USD
Jaymie Connell

$24 USD
Jodi Guidotto

Happy peddling

$20 USD
Angela Annese

Great job Steve!

$20 USD
Peter Annese

$20 USD
Jim Kakogianis

Good on you Steve

$20 USD
Peter Montesi

Great cause,enjoy the ride Steve.

$19 USD
$16 USD
Deb Matheson

$16 USD
Lina Lombardo

$16 USD
Peter Browne

Hope ur taking the "Bikie Chick" with u Steve ?? ;)

$16 USD
Meryl Lysy

Well done Steve, Mike & Meryl

$15 USD
Peter Badcock

Well done Keep riding

$12 USD
Julie Magee

Good Luck Steven, Great Charity.

$8 USD
Rosa Paparella

$8 USD
Monique Montesi

Love your work!

$8 USD
Stephen Moseley-greatwich

Enjoy your ride mate - well done buddy

$8 USD
John Mezzini

Great work Steve!

$8 USD

Great work Steve. Well done! Goodluck!

$8 USD
Megan Spiliopoulos

$8 USD

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