AMA Animal Rescue
Cause: Rescue Abused and Neglected Pets
Location: United States

Angels for Mistreated Animals (AMA) is a foster-based animal rescue organization founded in Brooklyn. After obtaining a New York State 501(c)3 status in 2014, the organization’s mission has always been to safeguard animals who have experienced the most severe cases of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Since its inception, team AMA has saved countless sick, injured and abused pet companions from mere death, domestically and abroad. The organizations long term goal is to open a true no-kill animal sanctuary with high quality, in-house veterinary services as well as clean, spacious enclosures and outdoor space. Through efficient operations, adequate awareness and public support, AMA continues to create loving futures and erase painful pasts.

Barbells for Boobs
Cause: Breast Cancer Support
Location: United States

Barbells for Boobs mission is to mobilize and empower people to take action in breast cancer. We serve the community as a proactive voice, a resource for early detection services and support post diagnosis with an emphasis on health and fitness. Our vision is to provide quality breast health care for all and an improved quality of life post-diagnosis through fitness.

Beard Season
Cause: Early Detection of Melonoma
Location: Australia

Back in 2010 we tragically lost our mate Wes Bonny to melanoma. He was only 26. 
In his honour, we came up with an idea called Beard Season. Previously known as winter… 

The rules are simple:
Grow your beard from the 1st of June till the end of August (or 21st of December will the end of March for everyone in the northern hemisphere). Commit to a getting a skin check with your GP or dermatologist. 
Use your beard as a life saving conversation starter - encouraging as many people as you can to get a skin check too. 

What started as a cheeky challenge between mates has grown into a huge global movement - amassing a community of over 90,000 people with ambassadors in 14 countries and counting (including Antarctica). What's more, thanks to people like you diving in chin first, we now save an average of a life a week. People who might not be here if it weren't for our friendly, furry advice.

Blue Hope Support Services
Cause: Current & Former Police Officers
Location: Australia

Blue Hope provides much needed support to current and former Australian police officers struggling with mental illness and injury. Established in 2014, we provide free Psychological Services, Social Connection Activities and Vocational Education and Employment services to Police Officers and their families from all over Australia.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
Cause: Cerebral
Location: Singapore

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS), was established in 1957 to provide persons with Cerebral Palsy and multiple disabilities with early intervention, special education, rehabilitation services, day activity centre programmes, vocational training and gainful employment in Singapore. At present, we look after over 700 clients ranging in age from a few months to 55 years old. Our vision is to empower all persons with Cerebral Palsy to realise their full potential and lead fulfilled, dignified lives.

Cure Cancer Australia
Cause: Cancer Research
Location: Australia

Cure Cancer Australia is dedicated to funding crucial cancer research from Australia’s brightest emerging minds.


We believe early-career researchers who offer new ideas and challenging perspectives are the key to advancing the fight against ALL types of cancer. Over the past 50 years, we’ve funded almost 500 research grants to over 300 individual early career researchers. By identifying, assessing and funding research at a time when ideas burn brightest, we believe we have the best chance of achieving our mission to make this the last generation to die from cancer


Why not host a post-race barbie and turn it into a BARBECURE to help boost your fundraising? Our dedicated fundraising team will provide you with useful tips and BARBECURE goodies to make your event a great success. For more information on BARBECURE, visit

Dynamo Camp
Cause: Camp for Sick Children
Location: Italy

Dynamo Camp is a recreational therapy camp first in Italy, member of SeriousFun Children’s Network a worldwide non-profit association founded by Paul Newman, specially structured to host sick children from 6 to 17 years, in therapy and post-hospitalization period, free of charge for holiday and relaxation periods within a WWF reserve Oasis in Tuscany.

Endeavour Foundation
Cause: Supporting People with Disability
Location: Australia

Endeavour Foundation is dedicated to helping people with a disability live fulfilling lives, working together to turn possibilities into reality for each individual

Food from the Heart
Cause: Feeding the Hungry
Location: Singapore

To reach out to the less-fortunate and brighten their lives by alleviating hunger through a food distribution programme and bringing joy through the distribution of toys and birthday celebrations.

FFTH supported 35,500 beneficiaries and distributed $5.5 million worth of food in 2017 through the following programmes:

1. Bread Programme – supporting 22,000 beneficiaries each month from 168 welfare homes as well as needy families and individuals under the Community Food Pack Programme.
2. Community Food Pack – weekly distribution of bread and monthly provisions of non-perishable food items, toiletries and household items to 5,800 beneficiaries via 50 Self Collection Centres.
3. School Goodie Bag – Monthly distribution of essential food items to 50 neediest students from 28 neighbourhood schools, serving over 5,000 beneficiaries each month.
4. Market Place - Collection of packaging-damaged and near-expiry non-perishable food items, toiletries etc. from 146 NTUC Fairprice Co-operative outlets which are, then, sorted and distributed to 7,600 beneficiaries via 41 charities and needy families and individuals under the Community Food Pack programme.
5. Birthdays from the Heart – Celebrating monthly birthdays of 1,108 children and elderly from 10 welfare homes and centres marking the special day for them.
6. Toys from the Heart – Collection and distribution of 8,000 pre-loved and new toys to disadvantaged children who, otherwise, would not have access to these important developmental tools.

Gotcha 4 Life Foundation Ltd
Cause: Men's Mental Health
Location: Australia

Gotcha4Life has been established with the fundamental aim of improving and supporting the mental health of Australian males.
The Foundation strives to build projects that are engaging and expand opportunities to make a real impact in helping men, boys and their families.

In Sight of Dreams
Cause: People with Acquired Disabilities
Location: Australia

In Sight of Dreams delivers programs that target life change: – Inspiring, challenging and mentoring people with acquired disability through to acceptance and achieving their dreams.

International Justice Mission Australia
Cause: Ending human trafficking
Location: Australia

International Justice Mission is the world’s largest international anti-slavery organisation, working to end modern-day slavery, human trafficking and other forms of violence against the poor by rescuing and restoring victims, restraining perpetrators, and transforming broken public justice systems.

International Justice Mission Canada
Cause: Anti-Slavery
Location: Canada

International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world. IJM partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. International Justice Mission Canada shares in this mission.

Cause: Tanzanian Vulnerable Students
Location: United States

Jiamini gives holistic support to talented children most likely to be left behind by poverty. The barriers facing our students are significant but not insurmountable. Jiamini enables students to graduate, provide for their families, enrich their communities and change their nation. We aim to make a sustainable, lasting impact on our community, through empowering youth, improving educational facilities and delivering future leaders.

We aim to quantifiably elevate the level of access and quality of education for all children in Tanzania through open source scalable solutions and collaborative partnerships.

KidsCan Charitable Trust
Cause: Children, Poverty, Education, Hardship
Location: New Zealand

The KidsCan Charitable Trust was founded in 2005 on the belief that education equals opportunity. KidsCan provides practical and tangible support to children living in hardship including food, clothing and health products so that they can be in the best position to learn at school.

KWF Kankerbestrijding/Dutch Cancer Society
Cause: Cancer research
Location: The Netherlands

KWF Kankerbestrijding is vastberaden om kanker zo snel mogelijk te verslaan. Ons ideaal is een wereld waarin niemand meer sterft aan kanker. Ons doel: minder mensen met kanker, meer mensen die genezen en een betere kwaliteit van leven voor kankerpatiënten. Om dit te bereiken werven we fondsen waarmee we onderzoek naar kanker financieren en begeleiden.

The Dutch Cancer Society(DCS) is determined to beat cancer as soon as possible. That’s why we fund and guide scientific research, influence policy, and share our knowledge about cancer and its treatment. We encourage our stakeholders and the public to do everything possible to help bring about the day when no-one else has to die of cancer. We’re getting there together.

Make-A-Wish Australia
Cause: Children's Wishes
Location: Australia

Make-A-Wish is the only charity in Australia solely focused on granting bespoke, life-changing wishes for seriously ill children. More than that, our wishes actually help these children get through tough treatment and the challenges of serious illness. They provide much-needed distraction, hope for the future, and the strength to keep fighting.

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Cause: Mental Health
Location: New Zealand

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing. Our vision is for a society where all people flourish.

Cause: Help Injured/Fallen Riders
Location: United States

Moto F. A. M. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident. We do this with the help of the entire motorcycle community. A community we call FAMily. We also provide motorcycle safety training at no cost. Our hope is to help those in need as well as reduce the number of accidents each year.

Motorcycle Missions
Cause: Suicide prevention in Veterans
Location: United States

At Motorcycle Missions we understand that much of the post traumatic stress (disorder) paradigm is that the need for purpose, camaraderie, and adrenaline is of the utmost importance. Our hope is to encourage our audience to instill a life-long passion for motorcycling, that will help them enjoy a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle after trauma. 

The Motorcycle Build Mentorship Program is a program aimed at getting our warriors with PTSD connected with the motorcycle community, working with their hands through welding, fabricating and building show quality motorcycles, and subsequently renewing their sense of passion and purpose for life.

Project MX is a motocross program hosted at the MX Factory west of Austin, TX. The program provides trauma-scarred veterans and first responders an opportunity to learn Motocross (MX) riding, which helps them work through frustrations, fears and aggression on a closed course dirt track. Research in PTSD has indicated that camaraderie, shared mission, and the intense release of adrenaline all help to mitigate symptoms.

Movember Australia
Cause: Men's Health
Location: Australia

The state of men’s health is in a crisis. Simply put, men are dying too young.

We seek to make a global contribution to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. This ambition underpins everything we do. It is the driving force behind our campaigns, funding strategy, and vision for the future.

Movember Canada
Cause: Men's Health
Location: Canada

The state of men’s health is in a crisis. Simply put, men are dying too young. We seek to make a global contribution to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. This ambition underpins everything we do. It is the driving force behind our campaigns, funding strategy, and vision for the future.

Movember Europe
Cause: Men's Health
Location: United Kingdom

The state of men’s health is in a crisis. Simply put, men are dying too young.

We seek to make a global contribution to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. This ambition underpins everything we do. It is the driving force behind our campaigns, funding strategy, and vision for the future.

Movember Europe
Cause: Men's Health
Location: United Kingdom

The state of men’s health is in a crisis. Simply put, men are dying too young.

We seek to make a global contribution to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. This ambition underpins everything we do. It is the driving force behind our campaigns, funding strategy, and vision for the future.

Movember Foundation
Cause: Men's Health
Location: United States

We’re the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, year round. We’re addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

We know what works for men, and how to find and fund the most innovative research to have both a global and local impact. We're independent of government funding, so we can challenge the status quo and invest quicker in what works. In 13 years we’ve funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world

Movember New Zealand
Cause: Men's Health
Location: New Zealand

The state of men’s health is in a crisis. Simply put, men are dying too young. We seek to make a global contribution to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. This ambition underpins everything we do. It is the driving force behind our campaigns, funding strategy, and vision for the future.

MS Research Australia
Cause: Medical Research - Cure MS
Location: Australia

MS Research Australia’s mission is to accelerate research targeting the prevention, better treatments, and a cure for multiple sclerosis. Ultimately, MS Research Australia is working towards freedom from MS. It is not a question of ‘if’ a cure is found, it is a question of ‘when’.

MS Society Scotland
Cause: Multiple Sclerosis Research
Location: United Kingdom

Over 100,000 of us in the UK have MS. It’s unpredictable and different for everyone. It’s often painful, exhausting and can cause problems with how we walk, move, see, think and feel. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

We’re the MS Society. Whether you have MS, or care about someone who does, our community is here for you through the highs, lows and everything in between. We understand what life’s like with MS. And together we are stronger. We’re researching, writing, campaigning and fighting. Running, walking, caring and talking.

Together, we are strong enough to stop MS.

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
Cause: People with Disabilities
Location: Ireland

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland (MDI) aims to provide information and support to people with neuromuscular conditions and their families through a range of support services. Our objective is to promote through practical empowerment, independent living for people with the condition muscular dystrophy.

National Breast Cancer Foundation
Cause: Breast Cancer Research
Location: Australia

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer facing Australian women, with eight women dying from the disease each day. Research is the only way to improve how breast cancer is diagnosed, managed and treated. The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the only national body that funds life changing research with money raised entirely by the Australian public.

Paediatric Brain Tumour Foundation
Cause: Paediatric Brain Tumour Research
Location: United States

Our mission is; Care. Cure. Thrive.
The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is the world's largest nonprofit solely dedicated to the pediatric brain tumor community. We serve the more than 28,000 children and teens in the United States who are living with a brain tumor diagnosis.

We fund research looking for a cause and a cure, and offer free educational resources about brain tumors, a toolkit for newly diagnosed families, college scholarships, camps for children with brain tumors and much more. Our nationwide fundraising events include Ride for Kids motorcycle charity events, Starry Night walk/runs and Vs. Cancer fundraisers.

Parkinson's Australia Inc
Cause: People with Parkinson's Disease
Location: Australia

Parkinson's Australia is the national peak body and charity representing more than 70,000 Australians living with Parkinson’s. The role of Parkinson’s Australia is to advocate on the basis of evidence-based policy, promote awareness of Parkinson’s and support education about Parkinson's in the community and with Clinicians.

Paw Justice Charitable Trust
Cause: Animal Welfare
Location: New Zealand

Paw Justice was formed by International stuntmen, Craig Dunn and Shaughan Campbell whose love for action was outdone by their love for animals. After working and becoming friends with the late Steve Irwin, Craig became inspired by Steve’s attitude, ‘if you don’t do it, who will?”.

In 2007, Craig and Shaughan were moved by the plight of ‘Eve’, a female mastiff abandoned under a house during the holiday period for 6 weeks without food and water. When found, Eve weighed a bare 17kgs and was covered in faeces. She was located despite not being registered. Eve was lucky, being adopted out by the SPCA after receiving extensive vet care. The horrific treatment of ‘Eve’ spurred Craig and Shaughan into establishing Paw Justice, an organisation which they wanted to dedicate towards reducing and eliminating animal abuse. 
Since its establishment in 2009, Paw Justice has gone from strength to strength. Whilst it still advocates against animal abuse, it has expanded to assist other shelters through the Paw Justice Foodbank and Pet Rescue, promoting responsible pet ownership and education of the public about animal welfare issues.

Pink Ribbon NL
Cause: Breast Cancer Research
Location: The Netherlands

Pink Ribbon financiert projecten en onderzoeken op het gebied van behandeling, nazorg en langetermijneffecten van borstkanker. Met als doel een beter en langer leven voor de (ex) borstkankerpatiënt.

Pink Ribbon funds project and research in the area of treatment, after care and long term effects of breast cancer. Our goal is a better and longer life for the (ex) breast cancer patient.

PLAN Canada
Cause: Children's Rights
Location: Canada

Founded in 1937, Plan International is one of the world’s oldest and largest international development agencies, working in partnership with millions of people around the world to end global poverty. Not for profit, independent and inclusive of all faiths and cultures, Plan International strives for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

Promise Dreams
Cause: Terminally ill Children
Location: United Kingdom

We are a national registered children's charity that makes dreams come true for seriously and terminally ill children and their families across the UK. We receive no government funding and rely on donations from generous supporters, as well as our own events organized throughout the year.

Whatever the child's dream may be, Promise Dreams are committed to helping from birth to eighteen years old.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Cause: Prostate Cancer Research
Location: Australia

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is a broad based community organisation and the peak national body for prostate cancer in Australia. 

We are dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families, recognising the diversity of the Australian community.

We do this by:
–Promoting and funding world leading, innovative research into prostate cancer
–Implementing awareness and advocacy campaigns and education programs for the Australian Community, health professionals and Government
–Supporting men and their families affected by prostate cancer through evidence-based information and resources, support groups and Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses.

PCFA relies on the generosity of individuals, the community and partnerships to carry out our essential work.

Cause: Sexual Violence
Location: United States

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.HOPE, y in partnership with more than 1,000 local sexual assault service providers across the country and operates the DoD Safe Helpline for the Department of Defense. RAINN also carries out programs to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.

Riders for Health Benelux
Cause: Access to Health Care
Location: The Netherlands

We are a group of Dutch volunteers that is working hard to raise funds at events to support African healthcare. All funds that are raised through these efforts are used to support Riders for Health International with their projects in Africa.
Riders for Health International is active in several African countries. The ultimate goal is to realise that health workers have reliable transport available at any time. In most African countries people at very rural and remote locations can’t simply be reached by car, but they can be reached by off road motors. Riders for Health International provides health workers with motorcycles and they receive maintenance training at one of the Riders for Health workshops.

Rolling Thunder Charities Inc.
Cause: Veterans and Veterans families
Location: United States

Rolling Thunder Charities, Inc. provides financial support directly to individual veterans and their families. We do not give money directly to these individuals but pay the bills directly to whom the money is owed on behalf of the veteran. To the best of our knowledge, other veterans service organization do not provide this type of service. These organizations often refer individuals to Rolling Thunder Charities, because they do not or cannot deal with individuals.

Rolling Thunder Charities, Inc. has no paid full or part-time staff. All work is done by the Board of Directors and Officers. Volunteers from Rolling Thunder National, Inc. (a 501(c)(4) organization) provide all additional support needed.

Ronald McDonald House Charities VICTAS
Cause: Families with Seriously Sick Kids
Location: Australia

No one should have to choose between paying the bills and caring for their sick child. Ronald McDonald Houses provide a home-away-from-home for families with seriously ill children while they receive treatment in hospital, prioritising families travelling over 100km. There are three open houses in Victoria and Tasmania, at Monash, Parkville and in Hobart, soon to be a fourth in North Fitzroy. We also have 4 family rooms in hospitals for families staying on the ward with their child. Our learning program assists children with their education through tutoring sessions to help them stay with their peers.

RSPCA Australia
Cause: Animal Welfare
Location: Australia

We can fight animal cruelty together. We can protect the vulnerable, give voice to the silent and bring justice to offenders. Join Team RSPCA and ride towards a better world.

Singapore Red Cross Society
Cause: Eldery, Families and Children
Location: Singapore

Singapore Red Cross' Vision is to realise the Singapore Red Cross as a leading and distinctive humanitarian organisation that brings together people and institutions in aid of the vulnerable.

Soldier On Australia
Cause: National Security Personnel Support
Location: Australia

At Soldier On, our mission is to work side by side all those who serve and protect Australia. Our services aim to HELP individuals build resilience and create, and expand, meaningful connections with family, community and employers through:

- Health and wellbeing - Psychology, social activities and programs, sporting activities and programs and service initiatives.

- Employment – Transition services, employment support, career development assistance

- Learning – education and training programs, vocational training

- Participation – social activities and programs focused on connections with family, friends and the broader community, volunteering and sports programs.

Soul Cafe Newcastle
Cause: Homelessness
Location: Australia

Soul Cafe was established in August 2003 to serve hot meals free of charge to the highly disadvantaged of the Newcastle region.
Today Soul Cafe provides hundreds of free sit down and take away meals each week.

Many of Soul Cafe’s guests are dealing with issues of homelessness, drug or alcohol addiction, crime or violence, poverty, separation, mental health or illness concerns and accommodation needs.

Soul Cafe’s desire is to do more than just serve a meal. The ultimate mission of Soul Cafe is to see vulnerable cafe guests placed on a path towards increased safety, health and purpose. We aim to lift a group of people that are less fortunate to a greater level of lifestyle within our community through a comprehensive approach that assists them to work through their individual issues and to re-engage back into society.

As such the meals provided are an avenue to link cafe guests with other necessary services including drug and alcohol and substance abuse programs, accommodation links, Centrelink referral, mental health counselling, refuge referral, haircuts, Legal Aid, Podiatry and a free doctor’s clinic.

We are non-government funded and rely primarily on financial sponsorship from corporations and individuals and to a lesser extent on our own fundraising endeavours. We are a local community organisation addressing local community needs, supported by local community corporate and private members.

Starlight Children's Foundation
Cause: Helping hospitalized children
Location: United States

With innovative programs like Starlight Gowns and Starlight Fun Centers, Starlight Children's Foundation is making a difference in the lives of seriously ill kids and their families at hundreds of hospitals allg across America. Help us bring even more joy and comfort to sick kids!

Starlight Children's Foundation Australia
Cause: Seriously Ill Children
Location: Australia

Starlight's mission is "To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families".

Because sick kids are still kids at heart...

When a once-bright life becomes dulled by needles, hospital visits and painful treatments, Starlight helps sick kids forget their illness and re-discover the joy of childhood.

We know there's more to treatment than medicine. That's why since 1988, we've partnered with Australian health professionals to develop programs based on positive psychology principles that support the 'total care' of our children and teens.

Like the young people in our care, we are distinctly Australian. Our unique programs are the result of extensive research and respond to the specific needs of Aussie kids and teens.

We know what kids and their families are facing when serious illness or injury consumes their lives.

We disrupt the relentless cycle of pain and trauma and offer a welcome break so that sick kids can simply be kids.

We believe fun fights fear and wins every time.

Starlight Children's Foundation UK
Cause: Seriously/terminally ill children
Location: United Kingdom

Starlight Children’s Foundation is a national children’s charity that is dedicated to brightening the lives of children and teenagers suffering from a serious or terminal illness.

We have been working for over 30 years to support sick children and their families because we know the difference happiness and laughter can make during times when it feels like there’s not much to look forward to.

We do this through our extensive hospital entertainment and wish granting programmes. These programmes are based on positive psychology and offer distraction at a time when young people and families are at their most vulnerable. Every year we help over half a million children to look beyond their illnesses and show them the possibilities of life.

Starlight Children's Foundation Canada
Cause: Sick Children and Families
Location: Canada

Starlight Children’s Foundation® Canada brightens the lives of seriously ill Canadian children and their families by bringing them joy, laughter and relief. For close to 30 years, Starlight Canada has spread hundreds of thousands of smiles to sick kids through a unique blend of family-centered programs and services from hospital to home. Support Starlight Canada’s work by visiting

Sydney Story Factory
Cause: Youth Literacy and Creativity
Location: Australia

The Sydney Story Factory’s mission is to enrich the lives of marginalised young people through creative writing and storytelling. Our focus is those most at risk of losing confidence in their writing abilities and switching off at school.

The Brain Charity
Cause: Neurological Conditions
Location: United Kingdom

The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help, and social activities to anyone with a neurological condition and to their friends, families and carers. There are hundreds of different neurological conditions including stroke, brain injury, epilepsy and many rarer conditions. We are here for every single one of them.

Two Wheels for Life
Cause: African Healthcare Transport
Location: United Kingdom

Two Wheels for Life supports programmes that get health care to rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa with reliable transport systems. As the official charity of MotoGP™, we run unique events for motor racing fans including exclusive paddock experiences across Europe, and our Day of Champions family day out before the British MotoGP™. Be part of the movement that shows motorcycles save lives!

UNICEF Australia
Cause: Supports disadvantaged children
Location: Australia

UNICEF works exclusively with children and their families in over 190 countries and territories, empowering them to survive and thrive, from early childhood through to adolescence. In Australia, UNICEF works with government and advocate bodies to defend children’s.

Variety - the Children's Charity
Cause: Children, Disability, Community, Disadvantaged
Location: Australia

Variety – the Children’s Charity supports children and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with a disability.

Our work allows children to gain mobility and freedom, to get out and about in the community, to communicate, achieve independence and increase self-esteem, and where possible, assistance to help them integrate into mainstream school and activities.

Read the stories of kids we’ve helped on

Variety - the Children's Charity of New Zealand
Cause: Children, youth, poverty, opportunity
Location: New Zealand

The rate of Kiwi kids living in poverty has doubled over the last three decades. Living in deprivation can lead to children feeling stigmatised and left out. This has a profound impact on their health, education and self-esteem. In the long term, it can mean lower academic achievement, reduced employment prospects, lower earnings and poorer health. At Variety - the Children's Charity, we are committed to providing targeted, flexible support to disadvantaged children across New Zealand. We work to provide basic essentials to meet kids' specific needs (such as school uniform and warm bedding); one-off grants for additional needs (such as medical and mobility equipment); and extra-curricular opportunities (in the form of scholarships for extra-curricular participation such as swimming lessons and school camp). With our support, they have access to the same opportunities as other kids, a happier, healthier childhood and the foundation for a better future.

Variety - The Children's Charity of The United States, Inc
Cause: Disabled and disadvantaged children
Location: United States

Variety serves children who have a disability or are disadvantaged by providing funding for equipment and experiences that they need to thrive but cannot afford on their own and cannot get through insurance..

Variety - the Children's Charity International
Cause: Sick, disadvantaged, disabled children
Location: United States

All children are special. However, Variety – the Children’s Charity’s purpose is to serve children who are less fortunate – children who live and grow up with a serious illness, disability or disadvantage. These are extra special children who require a special kind of help.

That help is you and Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Under four core programs Variety – the Children’s Charity delivers on its promise to provide a future without limits for every child, regardless of their background or ability, and to be the most trusted and effective children’s charity in the world.

Variety’s Care Program delivers critical life-saving medical equipment and services, healthcare and well-being to individual children and children’s health organizations.

Variety’s Freedom Program delivers vital life-changing equipment and services for mobility, independence and social inclusion to individual children and children’s organizations.

Variety’s Future Program delivers crucial life-enriching communication equipment and services, education and self-esteem to individual children and children’s organizations.

Variety’s International Children’s Fund delivers imperative humanitarian missions for children in developing countries.

Variety, the Children's Charity - UK
Cause: Sick, disabled & disadvantaged children
Location: United Kingdom

We improve the lives of children and young people throughout the UK who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged. Variety provides coaches and bespoke wheelchairs, specialist, sensory and recreational equipment for use in the home, school, children’s hospitals and youth centres and creates memorable experiences through “Variety Great Days Out”.

White Ribbon Australia
Cause: Violence Against Women
Location: Australia

White Ribbon wants all women to live in safety, free from violence & abuse. Through education, awareness-raising, creative campaigns, preventative programs & partnerships, we highlight the positive role men play in preventing men’s violence against women and support them to be part of social change.

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