What is Ride Sunday?

Ride Sunday is a one-day charity event for all motorcyclists across the globe to unite in raising funds by doing what they love. No matter who you are, what motorcycle you ride, your language, race, or background; this is a day for all motorcyclists to join together and support the charities that are striving to provide people with happier lives. Ride Sunday believes that no matter who you are, or where you are, we can all make a difference - Ride Sunday gives people the opportunity to not only ride for recreation or to commute; but to ride for a cause.

How do I register and join a ride?

To register, all you need to do is click here and follow each of the steps. We’ve kept the process as easy as possible.

How do I find my ride details?

If you have joined a ride, you will need to visit Your Dashboard to view all the ride information. If there are currently no available details it means the ride host, who is responsible for updating and completing the ride information, has yet to complete them. Their information can be found on on the menu under "View Ride Details".

If you are logged in click here to view the ride details.

I can’t find a ride in my area. How do I start a new ride?

Simple, when registering you can choose to join a ride, or create one. What you create is up to you and is your responsibility. Some will ride solo, others will create small rides for their friends and riding groups, and there will be those who champion larger rides involving hundreds of people. The choice is yours. This is the second step in the registration process.

If you are logged in, click here to create a new ride.

Do I have to pay to ride?

No, there is no mandatory payment to participate. Entry is open to anyone. We do, however, encourage all Ride Sunday participants to donate to themselves and other riders, and raise funds for their selected cause. We are here to change the world and we can’t do that without you spreading awareness and funds for the charity you choose.

What motorcycle can I ride?

Ride Sunday is a one-day charity event to raise funds and bring all riders together. It doesn’t matter whether you ride a cruiser, sports bike, retro bike, dirt bike, or something completely different; Ride Sunday is for you.

Do I have to raise money to take part?

Ride Sunday is a charity event that works to raise much-needed funding for a wide variety of charitable organisations. While we have no minimum amount set for rider fundraising, we encourage all riders to get involved and raise as much as possible for their selected charity.

Ride Sunday and its brand partners have significant rewards for the highest fundraisers and other rewards that are achievable by any rider. So we encourage you to fundraise.

Can we donate using cash?

Unfortunately no, as our donation process operates purely online to ensure your donations are sent directly to your charity, we can not receive cash donations.

Can we donate using cheque?

Unfortunately no, we don’t have the logistics to support cheque donations. However, if you do receive a cheque from a sponsor titled to your charity, please inform us and we will connect you with your charity.

Will I receive a tax deductible receipt?

Yes, we provide a tax-deductible receipt for every donation which is sent via email after a sponsor makes their donation. However, this can only be claimed if you are located in same country of that registered charity. 

How are the funds distributed?

Ride Sunday has invested heavily in this event, providing charities a platform to raise much needed funds. Participating charities pay a fee to Ride Sunday to cover its costs associated with running this event. This fee will not exceed 20% of the donations received by the charities (comprising Global Administration & Fees 6%, Event Growth and Development 6%, Ride Sunday Fundraising Initiatives, Global Media and Marketing 8%).

We have a goal of reducing this fee year-on-year as the event increases in size and more funds are raised. We have the ultimate view to have all administration, development and marketing exercises covered by brand sponsorship deals, allowing for maximum return to our charities.

Which charities are supported?

Ride Sunday has aimed to partner with multiple charities providing support to different causes throughout a variety of charitable sectors. A comprehensive list of all supported charities can be found on our Charities Page.

Can I support a different Charity?

If the charity you wish to support can not be found on our list and they are currently a registered charity, please have them contact us as quickly as possible. If you have contacts within their organisation, that will help us speed up the process. Please email charities@ridesunday.com

Can I raise funds for more than one charity?

Currently we only allow for one charity to be chosen per rider, so take care to select the right charity when setting up your profile.

Can I change rides after already joining another one?

Yes, you are free to change to any other ride around the world if you wish. Only once you are registered you will be able to view the ride information for other rides. To change rides simply click the "Join Ride" button on any ride.

Are ride teams locked to only one charity?

Currently no rides can be locked to an individual charity however each ride host can provided a preferred charity option. Each individual rider can select any charity of their choosing.

How can I invite others to join my ride?

Located in your Ride Page you will find an ‘Invite Members to Join My Ride’ link and social media and email sharing functions. Simply select how you’d like to share your page, or copy the link and send it to whoever you’d like to invite.

If you are logged in click here to view the ride details page.

What is the difference between Rides and Teams?

This can seem like the same thing however they are quite different. Teams and Rides are not connected. Rides and Teams are independent of each other. 

  • A ride is the actual riding event you have registered to take part in. This is where you can find all the ride details including start location, times, maps.
  • A team is a group of riders independent of the charity or ride they are taking part and can have riders join globally.

Any rider can be part of a different Ride and different Team.

For example, a rider may take part in a local dealership ride but join the global team of your brand.

While your ride selection is mandatory as part of registration. Joining a team is completely voluntary and up to the individual rider.

Can I support a charity that is not based in my country?

Yes, however you may not be eligible for tax deductible receipts depending on local regulations and laws. Each charity is locked to a set currency, and as such any donations might be processed in a different currency to your one.

What is the difference between a public ride and a private ride?

Private rides can only be joined with a specific link which can be shared by the Ride Host, whereas public teams can be joined by anyone. Public rides can be joined during the registration process or via the Rides page.

What happens to content that I post?

Any content that you post to our Services including photos, videos and comments, is your responsibility. You must ensure that you have the necessary rights to post that content by obtaining permission of copyright owners if necessary or by obtaining permission to use personal information of third parties. By posting any content, you also give Ride Sunday a non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free worldwide right to use and reproduce that content.

Ride Sunday reserves the right to remove any content posted by you or prevent any or all access to our platform to our entire discretion.