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Soil & Oil II - Ride Sunday Edition

Posted on Friday 25th

RIDE SUNDAY - this year, I am joining with a bunch of legends for a weekend of riding both road and dirt, all in support of Men's Mental Health. The Movember Foundation is incredibly important in supporting our lads when they are going through a hard time - no matter how big or small.

Last year's inaugural "Soil & Oil" is being expanded to bring you "SOIL & OIL II - bigger, better, bolder". Incorporating Ride Sunday on 10 November 2019, We will be ramping things up this year with camping, a run at our local MX track, road racing on the Old Pac (obviously within speed limits), sausage sizzles, bike swaps, games, merch, ridiculous prizes etc, all in the name of MEN'S HEALTH.

Whether you are a road rider, dirt rider, bicycle rider, spectator, or none of the above, come along for a wicked weekend with wicked people! We are asking anyone who joins to make a donation (big or small or in between) via either this profile or the soil and oil page.

Even if you cannot join us, any donation you can make will be appreciated by not just me, but every single person who has benefited from the awesome work of The Movember Foundation…but also appreciated by me and will be rewarded with a beer (or beverage of your choosing) when I next see you.

If you can go without a coffee for a day this week and chip in even $5, I will think you’re a pretty good human. And if you can’t go without the coffee, skip it anyway, come to my office, and I will make you the best god damn coffee you have ever had!

Ruth x



Posted on Wednesday 23rd

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Jane Koch

All the best

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Xavier Sherriff

Good luck baby.

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Alison Brannelly

Best damned coffee is a big claim. But I am prepared to take your word and keep the promise alive for when I need it most!

$40 USD
Tori Spooner

This is for you Ruth, and for two of the loveliest men I knew who chose to end their own lives. Men’s mental health matters.

$40 USD
$40 USD
Marcela Haddad

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Zachary Wilson

Very very good

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Good luck!

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Best Wishes

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