Please Help Me Reach My Goal

Raised so far $
My goal $ 1000

Riding a
1976 Harley-Davidson Ironhead

Complete your profile I’ve shared and asked my friends Donate to your self Raised $200 and receive a patch

Posted on Monday 14th

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$104 USD
Christine Soner

$104 USD
Eva Dellaportas

$104 USD
Paul Nuzzo

$104 USD

Always doing great things. We, Topher’s Turfs and the Curnutt family support you and your awesome and giving heart

$52 USD

Hi pal

$52 USD
Heather Harstad

$27 USD
Hector Sanchez

$26 USD
Denise Salas

Wish you a safe and joyous ride!!!

$26 USD
Dena Desantis

Have a great time!

$26 USD
Noreen Lennon

$26 USD
Peggy Jacobs @barbie_beanowitz

Thank you for all that you do for these precious doggies.

$26 USD
Chris And Michelle Zahn

$20 USD
Yomo Essentials

Thank you! Ride Safe!

$10 USD

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