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Posted on Monday 21st

It is IMPOSSIBLE to look into the future and know how life pans out. 

Looking into the future can be a mixture of emotions, scary, exciting, sad. This mixture of emotions stems from the situation that you are currently in. For most, seeing their dreams come true is a fantasy. A fantasy that is created by story telling. Story telling to themselves just to help escape the life they are in.

I grew up with immigrant parents who worked non-stop to give me and my sister a priveledged life. Chances are that if you are reading this that you too have a good life with lots of opportunities and are on a platform able to work towards those dreams.

Help me raise money for a Charity that gives marginalised kids and teenagers hope to create and write a story of their own in a place where they are always nurtured and encouraged. A place that plants the seed of passion and self confidence so that looking into the future isn’t a fantasy. So that it is POSSIBLE to start a life/community/world changing journey. 

I didn’t enjoy school at all and English was my least favourite subject. It is quite ironic but I now know how important mindful creativity is and I wish I had that as a child. 

My Ride Sunday Fundraising Page

Posted on Saturday 19th On Sunday 3rd June 2018, I am joining thousands of motorcyclists all over the world in supporting charities that are striving to provide people with happier lives. Ride Sunday aims to bring together all riders, from all walks of life and all motorcycle makes to raise funds for charity worldwide. No matter who you are, no matter where you are; we can all make a difference.

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Enjoy the awesome experience Faidon!

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Hope the ride went well! Lots of love for the story factory!

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Good luck darling ! Stay safe.

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Well done Mate!! All the best on the ride.

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Go Fethon!!

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Proud of you

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Good on you Faidon! Have a ball on the day x

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Olivia M

Best of luck, Sydney Story Factory is fantastic!!

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Best of luck mate!

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