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My Mental Health Journey

Posted on Saturday 26th




Let me start by saying, without reservation or hesitation,




Cancer doesn't fight fair, it doesn't discriminate, and the toll it can take is devastating, both emotionally and financially.  We've all seen what cancer can do to our families, our friends, and our communities.


The work Movember supports around Testicular and Prostate cancers was enough for me to throw my support behind them several years ago.  But their most recent endeavors are what made me realize I was part of this, for better or worse.


My journey with mental health started in college. 


I came from a very small town, and did very well in high school.  When I made the jump to my local university, I didn't expect much to change.  Let's face it: I still had the same friends, I had the same job, I had the same community.


What I didn't have was a clue.  


I got by in High School fairly effortlessly.  When it came time for my university courses, I was expecting to get by on my natural intelligence and the lessons I had learned in High School.  And yes, that worked...for a while.


When I really started losing control was in my second year.  I lost the motivation to go to my classes and gained an affection for long nights coupled with drinks and revelry.  I don't know if you know this, but grades are somewhat important to being allowed to STAY enrolled, and before too long, the university politely asked me to leave.


I had failed.


My parents were both teachers, so failing out of school was a complete shock to the system for everyone involved, and I started spiraling downward.  I drank more, slept more, and shut out the people around me. Depression sank in and I allowed myself to start contemplating ideas I never would have otherwise considered.  I needed help.


Through the gentle prodding (he would call it "tough love") of my best friend, I sought out help I desperately needed.  For me, treatment was as simple as some mood elevators, someone to listen, and a dedication to taking control of my life.  


I was one of the lucky ones.  I got out alive.


Depression, like cancer, holds no prejudices.  It's very much an equal opportunity destroyer.  The high-profile suicides of people like Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, and Chester Bennington prove that fame and money doesn't make anything any easier for folks dealing with depression.


3 of every 4 suicides are men.


It's a sobering statistic, and one we need to talk about.  How many lives could we save if we just reached out a hand?  How many Facebook friends could use a gentle "hello," a quick conversation, or an invite for a delicious pint?


Maybe, just maybe, if we started talking about it, we could make a difference. 


That's where Movember can help


The research they fund will help reduce the number of men dying from suicide by 25% by 2030.  You can help by donating right here on this page, or by reaching out to a friend or family member in need.


I'm not naive enough to think that jumping on a motorcycle and riding some back roads for BBQ can save the world.  But can help save someone.


I've lost too many friends and family members to stay silent.  I've watched too many families be broken by a disease that can be treated.  I've sat and done nothing for way too long.


Thank you for donating.  But moreso, thank you for making a commitment to be there for the men in your life when they need it.  The strong, silent type has had it's time.


Time's up.

Your Nuts Matter.

Posted on Thursday 24th

My Brother and I with a message about your nuts.


Let's Talk Nuts

Someone Has To.

Posted on Wednesday 25th

A few folks asked me why I decided to not only ride in, but help organize another ride.  Plainly and simply...someone has to. 

Someone has to talk about men's health and the importance of opening up to friends and family about issues that take men from our lives too soon.

Someone has to help take the stigma of the silent but strong man and kick it's ass to the curb.  It doesn't matter how "manly" you think you are when cancer hits. I've seen cancer drop too many of my friends and family to say silent.

Someone has to ask "are you ok" when a man in their life is down.  Mental health is a disease like any other, and should be treated seriously. 

Someone has to...

Today, I am that someone.  Tomorrow, the next day, the day after that, I hope it's you.

You can make a difference in the life of a man close to you.  You can ride in this event with me, if you want, and raise money for a cause close to your heart. You can choose to donate to Movember on my behalf, if you're more comfortable. Or you can reach out to a man in your life and ask "are you ok?"

That's all it takes.  Just 3 words.

But someone has to say them.

Someone has to..

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Posted on Saturday 21st On Sunday 3rd June 2018, I am joining thousands of motorcyclists all over the world in supporting charities that are striving to provide people with happier lives. Ride Sunday aims to bring together all riders, from all walks of life and all motorcycle makes to raise funds for charity worldwide. No matter who you are, no matter where you are; we can all make a difference.

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