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Epic rides

Posted on Thursday 17th

I've done a few epic rides, the Sea to Sky is fun (and a bit scary) and I've done Mount Baker a number of times but the biggest one was the Cannonball 500 ride, 500 miles (805km) the challenge is to do it in a 12 hour window,  ended  up completing in 11 hours 534miles or 860km total.


Sunday June 3rds ride won't be as grueling but it's the most important, the aim is to unite riders across  all aspects to raise awareness of motorcyclists on our roads and to raise funds for various charities.


I'm riding in support of Movember Canada. Please help make my birthday wish come true and donate today. Ride On! ????????????????

Ride for Movember

Posted on Wednesday 9th

I really enjoy Movember and riding motorcycles. Since I have a modern bike I wasn’t able to participate in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride supporting Movember.


I’ve been following RideSunday on Instagram for a while and when they announced world wide rides supporting a number of charities (including Movember) I was super excited. 

Since the ride is June 3rd, just a couple of days after my birthday I thought it would be fitting that instead of gifts I’d ask my friends and family to donate instead 

My Ride Sunday Fundraising Page

Posted on Wednesday 9th On Sunday 3rd June 2018, I am joining thousands of motorcyclists all over the world in supporting charities that are striving to provide people with happier lives. Ride Sunday aims to bring together all riders, from all walks of life and all motorcycle makes to raise funds for charity worldwide. No matter who you are, no matter where you are; we can all make a difference.

My Sponsors

Merle And Mary Ellen Cole

Have a very happy Birthday and a great ride on Sunday. We are proud of all that you do.

$162 USD
Bob & Pat Campbell

Happy Birthday Andrew. Have fun on the ride

$162 USD
Andrew Cole

$78 USD
Dave Cole

Enjoy the ride! Wish I could join you.

$41 USD
Barbara Carmichael

Have a great ride!

$41 USD
Jim Dudley

Good Luck on achieving your goal.

$41 USD
Jenn, Kyle & Dylan

Have a fun ride and Happy Birthday.

$39 USD
Cynthia Sanderson

You do so much all the time. Good on you Andrew.

$20 USD
Melissa Cole

Happy birthday from the Coles!

$20 USD
David Wilson

See you Sunday

$20 USD
Tony Power

Care of Tony Power

$16 USD

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